The boys are back . . . and this time they’re all together!

Across five novels, the men of the Nashville Spicy series formed a unique found family whose bonds of love and laughter delighted readers well beyond the borders of Music City.

Now, thanks to the newly wealthy Cooper Hawk, the gang is headed on a luxurious, fun-filed holiday adventure.

Come aboard with Sam & Miguel (Wrenched), Cooper & Nate (The Batter’s Box), and Nick, Andre, and Ethan (Buckeye). The effervescent Annie shines throughout, as a few new characters sneak into the mix, too.

Yes, you will see the others. Ty & Nate (I Hear You) and Joe & David (Winning His Vote) pop up when you least expect them. What can I say, I love surprises, especially around the holidays.

A Nashville Spicy Christmas is an indulgently delicious mm romantic comedy filled with laughter, love, and just the right amount of spice to light your tongue on fire.

Heat up that eggnog & settle into your comfy chair by the fire. A smile is about to curl your lips and warm your heart.