Fellow Storytellers,

Every year, the marketplace becomes more crowded. New authors take up the pen. Publishing becomes more complex and far more competitive.

Still . . .

We are brothers and sisters in this craft. We should help and support each other. We should reach out to those who are new and guide them toward success, as someone surely did for us years ago.

This page is one attempt to offer free resources to fellow authors. What you find here is by no means definitive.

These sheets evolved nearly every time I use them, and there are plenty of other tools and guides out there, some of which may be a better fit for your style.

At the very least, I hope to spark thought and ideas, help improve your productivity, and inspire you to tell more and better stories.

Feel free to send me ideas to include here or share this page with others.

Character Worksheets

Character Profile. Dig into who your MCs are, what motivates them, what they fear, etc.

Author Business Tools

Keep all your book info in one place for easy reference and sharing with a PA.

Calculate the Value of a New Reader

Research Your Comp Authors for target marketing (Bookbub, etc.).

Track Your Business! Budgets, ad tracking & analytics, and more. This one is not for the faint of heart. Advanced Excel users only. I’ve done my best to clear out data, but you’ll still need to customize to your work.

What’s your ACOS Target? Amazon advertising is art not science! This is a tool to guestimate what your ACOS could/should be. It does NOT take readthru into consideration.