Two Brothers. One Gift. A World on the Brink . . .

A fresh, new love awakens, but struggles to take root and bloom.

The world stands on the brink of war.

Dark forces stir.

And two brothers, finally reunited, travel worlds apart amidst the chaos.

An Archer’s Destiny is the continuation of our story in the Of Crowns & Quills series. This epic fantasy tale includes a soul-searing mm romance, a journey of self-discovery and awakening, a rising darkness, two brothers struggling to reunite, palace intrigue, heartwarming found family, a hilarious new sidekick, and an adventure sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. . . and so much more!

Don’t miss a minute of the heart-pounding romance and intrigue.

NOTE: Of Crowns & Quills is designed as a classic epic romantacy series in which books are intended to be read in sequential order.