Captured or Killed? Only the War knows.

Will Shaw and his friends are typical college students, enjoying dances and parties without much care for life beyond.

When Thomas, a handsome Naval officer and newly arrived student, nearly stumbles into Will and his friends, Will’s heart spins, though he doesn’t understand why. Sparks of something new burst within, opening his eyes to possibilities he’d never dreamed.

In the giddy fog of a forbidden courtship and the safety of the campus bubble, the world’s troubles seem far away.

Until they aren’t.

German tanks roll through Europe, while Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.

There’s no safe place left to hide.

Compelled to do their part, young people enlist in record numbers. Will and his friends join the queue.

But instead of a bus headed to basic training, Will is thrust into the world of shadows and secrets.

Of Shadows & Secrets is a slow-burn MM Romance wrapped in a thriller, a series that sets up many grand adventures to come.

Fans of James Bond, Jason Bourne, and author Tal Bauer watch out!