Nashville Spicy is the 5-book, award-winning tale of men bound together by common threads of friendship as the loves of their lives are revealed in fun, surprising, and often humorous ways.

In Winning His Vote, David, a cocky Congressman, hires Joe to work on his campaign to become Tennessee’s Governor. Joe’s instant dislike of David burns away as intrigue and passion take over. When the pair finally unites, more than a political office is at stake.

Joe’s long-standing hookup, Sam, gets his own story in Wrenched. Sam owns a repair shop and is thrust into the middle of a police investigation when officers mistakenly take a missing woman’s car to his garage. Miguel Nunez leads the team searching for the woman, but when he meets Sam, his investigation takes an unexpected—and spicy—turn.

I Hear You is the story of Tyler, Sam’s best friend and ardent party boy who is determined to live the wild life until the wheels come off his bus. That is, until he walks into a coffee shop and bumps into Gabe, the adorably dimpled deaf guy with floppy hair and a bright smile.

The fourth book in the series, The Batter’s Box, follows Nate, a minor league baseball player Miguel mentored during his college playing days. Nate struggles in his quest for the majors but rises to the occasion when he meets the quirky, irresistible Cooper, an introverted number crunching taekwondo black belt whose word vomit brings conversations to a hilarious halt.

Finally, Buckeye, the crown jewel of the series, tells the story of Nick, a former teammate of Nate, as he is traded and has to find his way in a new city. He never dreamed a children’s home would be part of his journey, nor had he envisioned a small boy infecting his heart, yet both become his salvation. When he falls for Dr. Andre Martin, a French psychiatrist on the home’s staff, his life truly begins anew.

The Nashville Spicy series is a set of authentic and heartwarming tales, some from the authors true memory, that includes themes of found family, enemies-to-lovers, hurt/comfort, men in sport, slow burn romance, and so much more.

Note: Readers should be aware, some stories include scenes in which characters relive traumatic events and some who struggle with alcoholism, addiction, and PTSD.