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A woman is missing. The clock is ticking. There’s no time to lose when a life hangs in the balance.


We found her car.

I’m good at finding things, mostly clues and criminals. I’m not used to finding things when I don’t look for them.

Then I met Sam.

What was I looking for again?


I grew up on a ranch. It was easy to win over furry friends as long as I had food in my hand.

When I moved to Nashville, I leaned men are a totally different animal.

I’m good in the sack . . . or up against a wall . . . or on the kitchen table,

But dating is exhausting.

When a cop in a tight uniform drove onto my lot, everything changed.

Wrenched is a classic MM Romance wrapped in a whodunit thriller, a tale of self-discovery, overcoming the past, and two men learning what—and who—they truly want.

This story includes scenes where one character grapples with PTSD, while another discovers how best to support him.