An mm romance wrapped in a 1940s spy thriller . . .

Harvard University, 1941

Will Shaw and his friends are typical American students, still celebrating the end of the Depression and dreaming about a future filled with success. The war in Europe is far away and someone else’s concern.

Until it isn’t.

Compelled to do their part, Will and his best friend enlist, but Uncle Sam has other plans for these boys. Will’s classes become consumed with learning German, understanding topography, and secret uses of radio transmitters.

When Thomas, a handsome Naval officer, steps onto campus, Will’s heart spins nearly as quickly as his head.

Crimson is an MM Romance wrapped in a 1940s thriller, a first-in-series that promises many great adventures.

What if the boys from Red, White & Royal Blue were dropped into the middle of a James Bond movie? Fans of Jason Bourne and Heartstopper watch out!

Note: Crimson was crafted for the broadest possible audience. Spicy scenes are available as free in-book downloads.

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