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Just when things couldn’t get any stranger…a hot guy walked in with a cougar cub on his shoulder.

Yeah, that one caught me by surprise, too.

My Wildest Date is the continuation of Michael’s search to find himself and his perfect match.

He fumbled out of the closet, then met an amazing guy with a pair of cute toddlers. Now he’s thrown into the zoo with lions and tigers—oh, my!

You’ll love this story because it’s giddy fun to laugh at yourself while you fall in love.

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My Wildest Date is the third volume in the hilariously cheeky, best-selling Raised by Wolves series, a contemporary MM romance about a newborn gay finding himself. It has hurt/comfort, found family, sexual awakening, first-time gay, and a guy who finally realizes who he is and what he wants.

These books chronicle a young man’s life and are best enjoyed in series order.