Of Crowns & Quills series – COMING SOON!

If you like getting lost in another world and falling in love with endearing characters, you’re going to love this new series.

This yet-to-be-titled Fantasy Romance (Romantacy) includes an epic, slow-burn MM love romance, several coming of age arcs, magic, intrigue, an sprawling investigation, and a race to prevent a war. Take a deep breath now. You’re about to be holding it for a long time!

When two young brothers become orphans and are taken in by Mages to be raised, no one knew the fate of the world changed in that moment.

Keelan becomes one of the nation’s leading constables and investigators, while Declan, a rare case of a boy born without a Gift, struggles to find himself in a world where magic is as common as any craft or skill.

A spate of kidnappings threatens their peaceful homeland and a dark power rises. Now, Keelan and Declan must face their greatest fears or all may be lost.

Meet the cast: