How does a heart brimming with compassion turn to flaming stone?

My name is Irina. From my earliest memories, my heart longed to follow the path of my parents, to become a healer and give myself to the service of others. When I manifested a Gift, the rare touch of magic, everyone knew I would be special, that I would change the world.

I trained and studied. My life was meant to be a salve to those who suffered.

And then they came.

Everything I loved, everything I dreamed, everything I ever dared to hope was torn from my grasp.

They will pay.

If I must conquer this land to find them, they will writhe beneath my heel.

If it takes a thousand years, they will know my wrath.

A Healer’s Wrath is Irina’s story, a tale from a thousand years ago, when legends rose and borders fell. It is the prequel to An Archer’s Awakening, the first book in bestselling author Casey Morales’s mm romantacy series, Of Crowns & Quills.